Chronicles of My Life with a Blonde
comedy fiction

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Golden Deer Sun and White Bear MoonGolden Deer Sun and White Bear Moon
Children's Book

Dreaming Dragon Publishing

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Books nearing completion:

The MisAdventures of Martha Mores
children's book.

Suburban Farming
non fiction on organic gardening in small spaces.

Through the Mirror Maze
13 book science fiction series in the works
hopefully for release in 2011-2012.
Sorry, no spoilers.


Jax Facts

Profile of Human Unit, Subtype AB+, Variegated prototype 5 of 6, female
  • Jax Hix was born with an assumed name in an assumed town by an assumed woman strictly for liability purposes. Raised by Raccoons, Jax is drawn to shiny objects and ideas. As a scientist unable to work in her field due to United States politics and the devaluation of science, she has turned instead to inspiration from nature and her mixed mutt family of blondes and brunettes...and oddly, no redheads. She lives in Washington State with her Blonde Spouse, Human and Furry Children and many, many plants. Jax would like to grow up to be the weird cat lady on the block. She prefers solitary pursuits, but also the company of plants and animals. Jax Hix can frequently be found with her nose in a book, and has traveled all over space and time, at least in her imagination. Jax is obsessed with coffee and detests shoes. She is prone to ramble and suffers from an unnatural obsession with bubble wrap...and lineoleum. She also loves to run with scissors and other sharp objects, but never in front of the kids. Jax has been accused of being highly sarcastic.
  • She encourages everyone to pick up a book (preferably hers) and read it!

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